Friday, April 06, 2007

If Wishes Were Cherry Trees, Beggars Would Be Tourists

At the Cherry Blossom Festival here in DC, you can write a wish on a piece of paper and attach it to a cherry tree sapling. Since I've been wishing for a horse for nigh onto 27 years now, I figured I would deviate from my standard wish and try a new angle. What do you even wish for, other than a horsey? I browsed through other people's wishes to see what I could find.

There were the standard "no more war", "world peace", "happy family", "better world" wishes. I don't really trust those wishes; they're too nebulous. Think about it- for some people, "a better world" involves zombies, while for others, "a better world" does not involve Michael Chertoff. However, I appreciate the people who make those kinds of wishes. Since they're willing to kiss the fates' collective asses and use up their wish on the standard shit one's supposed to wish for, that frees the rest of us be as earnest as we want in our wishing. And if these actual wishes are any indication, that's a good thing. Tell me these wishes (verbatim!) wouldn't make a better world:
  • I wish people could go the speed of light
  • I wish school was better
  • We wish everyone could see the blossoms
  • I wish for large amounts of peach pie and ice cream. Oh, and not to be so pale and to get a tan. Also, I'm rather hungry.
  • I wish I could play at Carnegie Hall as a world-famous guitarist. I guess I can give the money to charity for the homeless or something.
  • I wish for the Shits and Sunnys [sic] to get along.
  • I wish I was a superhero like Captain America. Except he's dead. So I guess Thor.
  • [in pink pen] I wish for a boyfriend who would treat me like a princess and see that I'm intelligent and prettier than all the other girls in my class specially Trina and that he can buy me lots of things that I want so I don't ever ever have to work.
  • I wish I could get another dog and the old one would rest in peace [Wait, so is the old one still around haunting his family? That's actually kinda cool]
  • I wish not to have a brother
  • I wish I would get my hardshoe dances into a prizewinner
  • I wish I could get my ears pierced
  • I wish we had my mom still and that my dad was happy again and also that my brother would live his life better
  • I wish I could be famous for one day and live in a mansion
  • A new van
  • I wish I could meet Zac Efron
  • I wish I could get a beautiful wife
  • I wish that when I turn 10 I become a movie star
  • I wish I had a Wii
  • I wish not to move every year
  • I wish that the war would end so that we can have a good president
  • I wish I have all the books in the world in English please
  • I wish I could be king of the world
  • I wish is real so that I can get a free laptop.
My wish? Well, since my wish to ride to the festival on a magical sparking bus came true, I'm still going for a horsey. But with wings.

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awesome. thanks for sharing.

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GOO- This is One of your most insightful posts ever.I wish for more posts such as this.

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