Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Hill-a-rye Cry - Better Than the Dean Scream

Before all the rest of you go vote for Hillary, my friend Alex would like to point out that if she wins, she will be the most powerful woman to have cried her way into a job.

(It actually does make me want to vote for her a bit.)


Blogger ike said...

I'm more than a little frustrated by this nonsense. She won in New Hampshire because the people overreacted to the media overreacting to her not acting like Hillbot5000 for a day.

I can just picture some staffer's itinerary:
[Stop off at diner]
Woman1: (Softball question)
Hillary: (Fluffy answer) [Hillary gets misty]
[Next stop: old folks' home]

11:56 AM  

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