Friday, January 18, 2008

Speaking of Never Having Kids...

Thanks for nothing, Slate. No matter what good, larger, save-the-world, be-a-hero-to-one-woman point you make about vasectomies, no guy is ever going to get past the following sentences:
  • "I have a friend who had it done and he couldn't feel his dick for 10 months," a guy at a dinner party told me, knowledgably. "After that I said, 'No way.' "
  • There was a needle in my scrotum. Scrotums were not designed with needles in mind.
  • ...what would happen if you applied 170 pounds of pressure on a single male testicle.


Blogger wordwitch said... hubby got a vasectomy for our first year wedding anniversary and it went really well for him. He's a musician (part time) and made a song called "Riding the wild ice bag"!! And we have been super wonderfully thankful since his operation. NO condoms, and no pregnancy scares!!

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