Monday, January 19, 2009

The Baracchanal

Here in our nation's capital, we're enjoying four days of unbridled patriotic fervor, optimism, vindication, volunteerism, and drinking. They even wrangled a delightful burlesque and Coney Island sideshow into the festivities. At the end of it, we get Barack Obama as our president.
Best. Holiday. Ever.
It may mark the first time in our nation's history when Washingtonians dampened their open hostility toward tourists and even let themselves become part of the fray, taking on an attitude of "we're all in this together" (Well, kind of. The Post translates well. Still, it's a gesture). We're not even that fussed about the cold (maybe that's just me, though).

There's an electric feeling in the city, a consensus that democracy has prevailed on our side without us having to settle. At the same time, I'm surprised at how realistic people are about Obama, acknowledging that he has an incredibly difficult four years ahead of him and that . Here in Adams Morgan a public message board was transformed from its last incarnation as a Festivus Pole for the airing of grievances (I'm not the only one who hates the CVS truck!) . Now we can send a personal message to Obama, as well as post times and locations for elephant pinata-bashing gatherings. A smattering of what Adams Morganians would like to tell Barack, faithfully transcribed:
  • Open trade with Cuba
  • You know for damned sure only Bush would pick a "labradoodle." Don't "misunderestimate" the importance of the presidential dog!
  • We need economic help
  • I don't pray to ya
  • Working holiday visa program with Australia
  • We need a good economy--legalize it!
  • NO more lies
  • More transparency
  • trail Bush and Chaney for war crimes against humanity
  • I trust your judgement
  • don't lower your standards
  • Reopen up Pennsylvania Avenue for all
  • Minimum wage at $12.00/hour
  • Legalize pot! It's awesome!
  • Make weed legal
  • Free candy
  • More insurance
  • Status as a victim
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • End the killing in Gaza
  • Support the sovereignty of Israel
  • US out of Iraq and Amsterdam
  • Always remember that people are the same all over the world. We all have the same hopes and dreams.
  • Your not superman but in the government your close
  • End the cold war
  • Amnisty please I ♥ Obama!
  • We need pat for imigrant legalicition no discriminition.
  • DC Statehood now
  • Advice: stick with your gut (mine's getting bigger)
Of course, not everyone brims with the same faith that my neighbors and me are about the incoming president. The Post reports on four men protesting the new Administration and its alleged cohorts yesterday:

He held a sign that simply listed the guilty. "Baby Killing Women, Porno Freaks, Sport Nuts, Drunks, Homos, Jesus Mockers, Mormons."

"Wait a minute," a young guy in the crowd said to his buddies. "Sports nuts?"


Blogger Malnurtured Snay said...

No, no, I'm totally read to throw tourists in front of taxis, buses, and trains alike.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Mystery Man Alex said...

Legalize it!

2:27 PM  

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