Monday, March 02, 2009


I have seen the four snowmen of the snowpacalypse. We had two inches of snow here in the District. As you may recall, President Obama said we're not tough enough, so we only got two extra hours to get to work. Normally, this sort of weather would get us two or three days off.

The peoples are not happy. Judging by their comments, this is pure, unadulterated evidence of not only What's Wrong with America, but why the global economy is in the toilet.

One commenter wrote, "C'mon you Govies.....cripe[s] you get more holidays than any other place of employment and you're complaining about not having today off."

I would just like to point out that it's not technically true that "govies" get more days off than any other place of employment. In France, they have 11 national holidays (same as us) and FIVE WEEKS of paid vacation.

And you guys were all pissed off that Barack Obama is making us socialists.


Blogger SheinMD said...

I lived in Germany for two years and I'm pretty sure they had a holiday every other week. Add in comparable vacation time as the French (~5 weeks) and a 35 hour work week, and it all adds up to the fact we definitely get the shaft. I think it's time to join the EU.

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