Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sometimes I like to play this game called "Good Idea, Bad Idea", wherein I do something stupid that seems like a good idea at the time. For example, drinking, and then doing the awesome buttshake dance- generally a good idea. But add crutches into the mix and all of a sudden it's not such a good idea. Hence, I missed the Hold Steady show Saturday night. It was brutal, the Object and Wonkette arrived Chez Goo only to find me wearing my silver party pants, writhing in agony, and sobbing hysterically about missing the show I bought tickets for two months ago. In any case, apparently the Object had such a good time that his neck still hurts from the rawklash.

So here's my question about the Hold Steady- why does everyone seem to need to point out that they can read? Is this unusual for a rock band?

"Similarly, the Hold Steady are clearly a literate bunch."

"...We should be so lucky to have every barroom outfit aspire to the raging, literate wail of the Brooklyn-via-Minneapolis group." Well, that could easily be solved if they turned off the football game in the bar and put on some episodes of Sesame Street.

"The Hold Steady's literate brand of rock is way above average." You mean they got a B+ on their language arts quiz?

Literary does not equal literate!

Similarly, have you heard that Michael Richards is "racial" and "profane"? I mean, it's one thing to be part of a distinct population of humans based on one's skin color, but to be not sacred, well, that's just unforgiveable.


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