Thursday, March 29, 2007

DC: I Have To Go Home and Blog About This!

Apparently, David McCullough sued or something, because Washington, DC: The American Experience is no longer a worthy "state" (and I use the term loosely) motto. Because metro's not crowded enough with people who think DC residents are the scum of the earth, the DC Board of Tourism has decided they need a new slogan to attract more tourists to the city. Better still, they solicited suggestions from the fair citizens of the District, who overwhelmingly indicated that the motto, We Don't Like You Either, would be the best choice were it not taken by New York.

The best and the brightest- and some of my own:
  • DC: Bitch Set Me Up!
  • DC: Guns Now Welcome
  • DC: What Happens Here Makes the News Tomorrow
  • Homeland Security Alert Level: Fabulous!
  • DC: Now With 30% Fewer Poor People
  • DC: So, Who Do You Work For?
  • DC: Don't Like the Neighborhood? Wait Ten Minutes!
  • DC: All the Taxes, None of the Representation!
  • DC: Walk Left, Stand Right!
  • DC: Because Staffers are Cheaper than Prostitutes
  • DC: Mistakes Were Made
  • DC: Because Business Suits and Sneakers Never Go Out of Style
  • DC: We Get A Quarter But We Don't Get A Vote?
  • DC: We're More Important Than You
  • DC: We've Got Aides!
  • DC: No, I Don't Want To Read Your Blog
  • DC: Sorry About Your Bike Getting Jacked
  • DC: Come to Testify, Stay to get Mugged!
  • DC: We Get All Federal Holidays Off!
  • DC: Afraid of Snow
  • DC: Please Have Your IDs Out and Your Bags Ready for the Security Check
  • There's More Than Pork In DC
  • DC: Slave Revolt-Free for Over 200 Years
  • DC: We Can Be More Obsequious If You'd Like!
  • DC: Cheapest Crack in the Nation!
  • DC: Your Tax Dollars Inaction
  • DC: More CVS Pharmacies than Churches!
  • DC: A State of Mind... Just Not a State
  • Washington, DC: Designed by L'Enfant for your L'Entertainment!
  • Leave Your Guns at Home and Let Our Criminals Take Care of You
  • DC: Condos Available
  • DC: I'm Only Temping Cuz My Grant Didn't Come Through
  • DC: Power Suited!
  • DC: We Got Rid of That Sniper Ages Ago.
  • DC: What's Your Interest Group?
  • DC: Yield to Pedestrians When Turning (This Means You, Metrobus!)
Your suggestions?

Oh, the hat tips: WaPo, NPR, DCist, this guy, this guy. And the photo credit!


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