Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Very Important Information!!!!!!

I know, I promised you full details. They're coming. But an event of such magnitude needs a significant hunk of time to recount it, and such a significant chunk of time has yet to present itself, what with all the sleeping and working and let's face it, beautiful weather. I know I said today, but realistically, we're looking at the weekend. I mean, I could stop helping peoples in developing nations cure cancer- is that what you want? Why do want poor people to die?

Ummm, I'm also hoping to get photographs.

While you're waiting, clear your calendars for Friday night. Because you're all coming to the Warehouse Theater for the Deermilk Collective Gallery Opening to see the Werewolf Youth on display.

Why should you come? Because there's a Werewolf Youth Baby on the way for one of the collective artists, who is also our Artist-in-Residence here at the Goo. You know, this guy. I'm pretty sure that recent developments in baby care and maintenance require that all newborns be swathed in precious hand-tatted blankets with their names embroidered in non-violent silk imported from Vanuatu, where it's very difficult to actually grow anything, much less silk. But rules are rules. And since the top name of choice for the new Lowery is ReturnToCastleWolfenstein Lowery, they're going to need a sizeable wad of cash to pay for all that thread.

And if that wasn't incentive enough, well, there's also this, which is awesome, which is how the show will be.
See you Friday!


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