Monday, April 02, 2007

The Magic School Bus Journeys To The Cherry Blossom Festival

So, did YOUR executive director send out a memo first thing on Monday morning? Mine did:

"I’m granting everyone an extra hour for lunch one day this week. Please use the time to enjoy the cherry blossoms or some other spot where you can soak in the beauty of spring!"

Gloating only makes the blossoms smell sweeter. But, how ever do we get to the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin? According to the Cherry Blossom Festival brochure, we have two options.

There's the CRAP option:
Take Metrorail to the SMithsonian Station on the Blue or Orange lines (use the Independence Avenue Exit) or Metrobus routes 13, 52, & 53 to 12th street & Independence Avenue, SW. Walk west on Idependence Avenue to 15th Street/Raoul Wallenberg Place. Turn left/head south along 15th street to the Tidal Basin.

BOOOOOOOOOOOORING. For the love of all that is good in the world, why, WHY would you take the smelly old metrobus, probably taking down a few pedestrians on your way, when you could take the Magic Circulator Bus????? Check it:
Alternative Public Transit Choice in 2007
The DC Circulator operates daily service of sparkling red buses with wrap-around windows to Festival destinations, Downtown attractions, restaurants, and shopping. Go to and click on "Maps" to view Circulator Routes or call 202-962-1423.

It could only be better if Miss Frizzle herself were driving the bus.


Blogger Dara said...

An extra hour for lunch? I'm jealous.

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