Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday! Monday! Never Seemed So Strange

Fleetwood Mac fans, take note of my Gooey Comeuppance:

"The Decemberists and The Thermals are amongst the acts contributing tracks to a charity album rooted in their native Portland, Oregon."

OOOOOH! I loves me some Decemberists! What are they contributing?!?!?!

1. The Decemberists - 'Think About Me' (Fleetwood Mac)

Jesus, Mary, and Josephine.

GAH! I don't suppose I should be surprised, since at his solo show at the Birchmere in January 2006, Colin Meloy revealed that "Here I Dreamt I was an Architect" is actually just a cleverer version of "Dreams".

In trawling obsessively around the internets for more tidbits on Colin Meloy, I realized that I need to sit down and write a book, ASAP, a book"...that could be awarded some badge of high esteem, perhaps called “The Rooster” in honor of David Sedaris’s brother (surely the liveliest character in contemporary literature)."

Wot's all this now? March Madness, nerd style! "In the madness, who cares about Duke and North Carolina when you’re seeing red thinking about Thomas Pynchon and Monica Ali in a cage-match?" Not me, that's for sure. The awesome part? The judges are a veritable who's who in the literary salon in my mind:
But the very, very, very best part?
"...We will award The Rooster to the winner. We have looked into shipping a live rooster to the winner. We are still looking."

Fuck the Nobel Prize, the Rooster is way more prestigious. And if we've learned anything here at the Goo in the last week, one should only undertake an endeavor if there is the promise of prestige and grandeur at the end. In the inimitable words of Rababob, "What's the point of being so awesome unless everyone knows how great I am?" For example, why even bother blogging unless you can be the third-best DC Blog by the third best DC writer?

I did NOT spend the weekend sobbing into my pillow harder than Tracy Flick, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary (I want a janitor ex machina, too!). Sigh, in the meantime, I shall just have to content myself with the knowledge that Colin Meloy is probably judging me from the stage.

Actually, what's a lot more consoling is how many people rallied for me. And even more comforting than that is the knowledge that it was actually just a few very corrupt readers, which just makes me warm and fuzzy all over. Thanks to all of my readers- if I only had minions as loyal as you, I'd rule the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, and a christine mcvie track! well, i suppose some people will do anything to associate themselves with greatness.

have fun at the show.

- dbh

4:55 PM  

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