Monday, September 24, 2007

Living Vicariously

Instead of it being Monday morning in front of your computer, wouldn't you rather be on a plane to somewhere, well, not here?

Fakation time.

Let's roll.

Remember how much we all loved the signs in Montreal? As it turns out, Ireland has even better signs. Check out the Bibliophile. I enjoy both the cigarette warning and the no bird-watching in hell sign; I just wish that they alluded to the burning in hell on the cigarette packages. It would be so delightfully Irish Catholic- "Sister Mary says yer gonna feckin' burn in hell if ye smoke these, and don't let's get started on tha bird watchin, ye blighted lot of sinners, ev'ry last one of ye louses!"

Germany, what have you for Oktoberfest? "Just in time for Oktoberfest! Now ladies, I know you've all been wondering to yourselves 'Hmmm, what kind of dirndls are in fashion this season?' Here is the answer you've all been waiting for -- Die Dirndl-Trends 2007!"

On to Amsterdam (among other places chronicled by Dark Roasted Blend), where Pirates Knocked Up Shrek! and you're forbidden to feed your children to dinosaurs.

Some people are into the whole medical tourism thing, I'd like to start getting into the whole medical oddities tourism business. So let's make a quick stop in Korosten, Ukraine, where we can see a baby without a mouth.

Finally, let's make one last stop in Spain to see all the crazies with their crazy first names.

See? It's like you don't even have a job.


Blogger EJ Takes Life said...

You have fantastic timing. I was JUST thinking to myself that it was way past time to update my dirndl wardrobe.

12:21 PM  
Blogger The Goo said...

Yeah, but the Object's all mopey that the latest in leiderhosen hasn't followed right on its heels.

12:39 PM  

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