Monday, October 01, 2007


From a comment in the previous post:
"I disagree. I think the crafty bastards theme was twofold. Cartoon little girls (and a mermaid) projectile vomiting AND squid."
Ahhh, you're absolutely right- squid are the new pirates are the new ninjas, and little cartoon girls vomiting are the new squid are the new pirates are the new ninjas. But ALL of them were felted. And, as 3Pennyjane mentioned at the fair, who knew there were that many Williamsburg dropouts in DC? It was a thought you tool a giant hipster sieve and shook it really hard, so that all that was left was the kind of people very excited about a "What Would Tom Waits Do?" t-shirt (this includes both the Object and the Object's father). I, on the other hand, was excited about a myriad of other things:
I always feel guilty at these things because I have successfully quashed almost all of my "crafty" tendencies. I grew up in an exceedingly pro-crafting household (my mother quite literally knits for a living), and 99 days out of 100, I can't be bothered to do the work myself. I just show up, buy some stuff, and every three years or so bust out some crafty marvel that people ohh and ahh over so that I can assuage my guilt ridden and crafty free conscience. But who can draw the limit on the overload the charming anti-crafty kitsch? It worries me greatly, I'm afraid that in just a few years, we'll be looking at the backlash and will again be surrounded by precious, non-vomiting Holly Hobbies that are nowhere near squids.


Anonymous suicide_blond said...

wait!! i missed a a "what would tom waits do?" t shirt! darn it!!!
and .. hipster sieve... i looove it.. where do i get one of those????

2:17 PM  
Blogger 3pennyjane said...

I think they've got one over the entrance to Brooklyn these days. "You must be this much cooler to enter our borough. Or whatever."

9:21 PM  

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