Tuesday, June 27, 2006


UPDATE: July 3rd is the magic day.

The LSAT scores come out this week. Probably Friday. So I'm on tenterhooks, the worst feeling ever. I'm not a fan of being on tenterhooks.

But that invites the question, just what the hell are tenterhooks anyways? According to the Exeter City Council, which is British, and therefore must be an Authority on Such Things,

Tenter hooks were L-shaped staples, much like a bent nail, placed at regular intervals on a rectangular wooden tenter frame. When cloth emerged wet from the fulling process it was stretched out on these hooks, preventing it from shrinking as it dried - hence the phrase 'being on tenterhooks'.

So it appears that truly being on tenterhooks is about as much fun as the metaphorical kind.

Just to illustrate:

Yep. Imagine slamming one of those hooks through your brain, and one through your neck; that's about how I feel.

By the way, in an effort to quell some of the rampant douchebaggery, I will not be one of those assholes who posts my score on her blog... plus, I don't want everyone knowing I did poorly, if such is (likely) the case. Oh, and the world does NOT need to know I'm secretly one of those assholes who thinks a 169 is a bad score.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I probably should not post this, but alas, I cannot help myself.

In the phrase begs the question, the word begs does not mean gives rise to. Rather, it is a form of circluar reasoning in which an argument improperly assumes as true the conclusion being argued for (e.g. "The common usage of this phrase is wrong because it is incorrect.")

Sorry to nitpick, but even Dr. Ink agrees.

2:29 PM  

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