Sunday, July 02, 2006


I try to make my words as delicious as possible so that when I have to eat them, it won't be so difficult. Last week, I declared shenanigans on honesty, as I thought emerging from a haze of self-delusion had lead to an impossible situation in which no one in the whole world was happy, because I wan't happy.

However, I wasn't informed of this "patience" thing that the kids seem to be into nowadays. Turns out that when you combine that with the whole honesty thing, you get a fantastic situation wherein everyone is happy and self-expressed, one can objectify the Object of One's Affection without having to worry about Plato, and one has someone to play lots of FIFA 2006 for Playstation. Everyone wins!

So for those of you still brandising your brooms, put them away. Well, actually, not so fast, since I'm NOT retracting my declaration of shenanigans on the makers of my new wallet, which is still falling apart after only two weeks. Shenanigans!


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