Friday, December 01, 2006


I realized after I had posted yesterday that I was rash in telling you the only Christmas musicks you really need are Britten and John Denver and the Muppets. I forgot to include two very important albums: A Carnegie Hall Christmas with Kathleen Battle and Fredericka Von Stade and Kathleen Battle. Also, A Charlie Brown Christmas with Vince Guaraldi. There is actually probably more out there.

Sad disclosure: Sufjan's Christjan Christmas Jamboree, as 462 disc set of your kinda sucks a lot. But can you blame him? If I were famous and/or talented, I would totally make a Christmas album with Once in Royal David's City and all my other favorite kind of obscure Christmas carols.

Furthermore, I have decided, after having listened to the John Denver and the Muppets singingthe Beach Boys Little Saint Nick, that henceforth all Brian Wilson songs should be sung by muppetry.


Blogger The Bird said...

Wow. Kathleen Battle plays twice on one record? Impressive.

6:32 PM  
Blogger rock_ninja said...

Yes, she actually plays several times. And wears a freakishly poofy red dress.

11:09 AM  

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