Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Long and Winding Road

Every Monday, I hop in the Object's car for the one and a half hour drive to Middleburg, get therapized in a physical fashion, then hop back in the car to sit on my choice of three out of the four of either the Dulles Toll Road, 66, the Beltway, and/or Rock Creek Parkway. These 5-8 hours of my Monday are an experience best described through haiku.

iPod: Left at home.
NPR: Fall drive for funds.
Universe: Score 1.

Iraq: Big success!
What's next for Condi? Of course!

Late. Zoom zoom, Mazda!
Five speeds, ninety-nine horsepow'r-
Porsche this ain't. Sigh, late.

Note to VA plates:
Maybe your "XS GASS" comes
From your Hummer, tool.

One hour, poked and prodded
PT- therapy? More like
pernicious torture.

Weaving scooter girl:
I hope you don't die; but you
Prob'ly deserve to

Whom do I hate more:
LaRouche or Cheney? Tough call,
Like Spy vs. Spy.

Cure global warming:
Heavy metal filled ocean.

Band-aid on cancer

All-time worst career:
School bus driver. Also,
Roadkill scrape-upper.

Forty-five minutes
Circling concentrically
Really, no parking.


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