Tuesday, October 02, 2007

That's A Fact, Jack!

I'm a little nervous.

Today is the first meeting of the full subcommittee. This is the subcommittee that oversees the project I am managing. This is my time to be a responsible, productive, adult member of a functioning society working to make the world a better place.

I don't want to fuck it up.

Every so often in these positions, I feel like the fourth grader who can't figure out fractions or the college freshman trying to sound like she already knows music theory, trying to prove she fits in at music school despite only having taken lessons for two years- incompetence trying to pass myself off as legit. Don't we all get this way sometimes? Terrified that someone is gong to figure out our secret- that we actually have no idea what the fuck we're doing, and we're hoodwinking people into believing we do?

Guh, it's a jittery feeling. But who would I be to leave you hanging out to dry with this cold, soggy, awful thought? You know what I turn to in these times of inner angst?

Saturday morning cartoons.

Seriously, if you can remember all the words (including the interjections, e.g. "He's a radical rat!") to the Teenage Mutant Ninjas theme song, how can you go wrong?

Sing along with me, my gooey friends, and let us reclaim our competence.

N.B. I know there is a version with more verses, I couldn't find it on YouTube.


Anonymous Chris Chan said...

Good luck- I hope that everything goes well.

12:43 PM  

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